Reefervan manufacture and distribute a range of van insulation kits, OEM reefer equipment, trailer coolers for the transport refrigeration industry.


35 years of industry experience insulating and refrigerating vans ensures we have the right product and specification for your van or trailer cooler application.

Reefervan insulation and reefer kits are easy to install, we provide the required installation training support at no added cost to the installer.

Sales, installation and after sales technical support is widely available at locations across USA and Canada.

     Reefervan, the refrigerated van specialists. 


OEM range of transport refrigeration equipment for panel vans & box trucks.

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Reefervan Reefer
Trailer Cooler Trailer
Cold Container - Coldtainer


Insulation kits for any make and model of van.

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Trailer & Cooler Complete 

Available size 8ft - 16ft

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Cold Container - Coldtainer

Slide - In Temperature controlled

Cold Containers for vans

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Ford Transit Refrigerated Reefervan
Promaster Refrigerated Reefervan
Sprinter Refrigerated Reefervan
Cold Container - Coldtainer
Cold Container - Coldtainer
Cold Container - Coldtainer


Trailer Cooler - Cooler Trailer - Reefer
Reefervan DIY

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