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Understanding Heat Load

Reefervan guarantee installation packages will always exceed expectations and customer requirements for both quality and cooling performance.  


Reefervan take time to explain all the factors that can affect the cooling capacity & ask appropriate questions when selecting the right reefer and insulation for your vehicle. We make sure your Reefervan products perform to your requirements.


Excessive external heat affects the operational performance, therefore we thermally balance the reefer & insulation based on information gathered from customer.  Not correctly "balanced" your Reefer may not cool effectively during transportation!

  • Reefervan Reefer Equipment and Insulation Products cool approx. *2°F every two minutes of operation

  • Excessive External Heat / Door Openings / Insulation Thickness all can effect Product Temperature 

  • Pre-cooling the cargo area will maintain the correct temperature

  • Use of Optional Standby Electric / Shore power is recommended to cool van when stationary

     (* Based on ambient temperature and relative humidity, figures may change)



Any Questions?  Call Reefervan, we can answer or explain further the factors involved in selecting the right reefer and insulation.  We make sure the customers are purchasing the right products. 


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