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About Reefervan North America


Established in Toronto, Canada in 2009 and with over 35 years of industry experience in panel van insulation, reefer sales and repair, Reefervan manufacture and distribute a range of quality Van Insulation and Reefer products .


Our insulation and reefer products are designed with performance and durability in mind without compromising quality and are competitively priced versus other well know brands in the marketplace.

Insulation kit manufacturing and reefer distribution is located in Canada, while reefer manufacturing and assembly is located in Hangbu PRC.

Both our van insulation kits and transport refrigeration reefers are very easy to install and maintain with minimum training required. Technician friendly products, was the goal we wanted to achieve, enabling regular AC repair or Mechanical service shops the ability to install transport refrigeration products with no special training required

Reefervan also manufacture a range of Trailer Cooler & Insulated Trailer Boxes and Cold Containers that are distributed from North Carolina. 

Our comprehensive service network across the USA and Canada support our products for any after sale service required. 


Reefervan offer an innovative alternative products for Reefer, Insulation and Trailer Cooler sales and service across North America. 


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Reefervan OEM Reefer Manufacturing Facility   Hangbu PRC.