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Insulation is the most important part of any refrigerated vehicle and having the right insulation is the key to best cooling performance.

Reefervan panel insulation allows the reefer to cool the cargo area correctly especially when it is very hot. Getting the insulation specification wrong can lead to poor or inadequate cooling performance.


Reefervan make sure the reefer and van insulation perform correctly,  making sure the insulation package is "Thermally Balanced".

Reefervan guarantee our modular panel van insulation will perform to your requirements in outside ambient temperatures of 38C - 100F,

Reefervan guarantee the quality of workmanship and the performance of our products making our product the right choice for your van.

Below are some frequently asked questions...

Q. Is thermal efficiency greater with Reefervan insulation lining Systems ?

A. YES!  Reefervan only use as standard, 3 inches of high grade panel insulation (EPS or Polyiso) with no wood framing used, meaning better thermal efficiency and ensuring best performance.  For many years traditional spray foam insulation has been the industry standard. The thermal efficiency of spray foam reduces over time, due to chemical structure and the inconsistency of the foam thickness. With spray foam Insulation thickness can vary from 1 to 3 inches, affecting the cooling performance of the reefer dramatically.



Q. Does spray foam warp the side panels of vans ?


A. YES! The heat generated by spray foam causes the external panels to warp out of shape due to the heat and foam expansion pressure, spray foam basically warps the steel skin of the van out of shape leaving an uneven visual warped look to the side of the van.


Today, most vans on the market have large panels that can warp easy using spray foam. Reefervan do not spray any foam to the sides of the van, therefore there is no warping with Reefervan modular lining insulation systems.



Q. How heavy is Reefervan insulation versus spray foam insulation and why is weight important ?


A. Reefervan insulation panel systems do not use any wood or wood framing in the construction, therefore panel light weight modular insulation lining is 35% lighter than the spray foam insulation.  Spray foam insulation uses heavy wood adding extra weight to the van reducing the payload of the van and amount of product you can carry, increasing fuel costs.

The weight of a typical Reefervan insulation kit averages at 500LB for a medium sized van.



Q. How durable are Reefervan modular lining systems?


A.  Reefervan only use seamless welded aluminum wheel boxes & load guard aluminum protection as standard where most of the wear & tear takes place.  Reefervan lining systems are three times more durable than other insulation systems on the market.


Spray foam linings normally have wooden walls & wheel boxes which are covered or painted in a thin plastic coating (FRP) for protection. As everyday wear and tear takes place, the skin wears away exposing the wood which can cause bacteria build up. When the cargo area is routinely washed, the wood gets wet and eventually rots. Reefervan do not use materials that can rot


Choosing Reefervan modular lining insulation, you will appreciate the durability, performance and quality of our product.




Q. Installers ... Why Order Reefervan Insulation Panel Kits ?


Reefervan Insulation Kits are designed for installers and designed for speed of install to market. Insulation panel kits are flat packed for better storage and lower shipping costs. More that one kit can be transported at any one time. Reefervan kits are fast and easy to install.  

Reefervan panel kits can be ordered to suit specific vans, however most kits can be adjusted to fit other similar models (high roof can be converted to a medium roof)  thereby allowing installers flexibility stocking kits.  

Other insulation kits available on the market today are usually specific fit to a specific vehicle size, therefore the kit cannot be used on a different van size. This means inventory costs can be very high for installers if you want to have the right kit in stock, using Reefervan kits can avoid this costly downside.


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