RV11 & 16E Road & Electric (Technical Overview )

RVE Range of reefers are designed with over 30 years of industry installation and service expierience built into a design that is extremely technician friendly.

Any AC or HVAC technician can easily service the reefer with little or no training required.

Parts prices are less in price than other well known manufatctures.

Designed with the end user in mind, servicing can be carried out at an end user level with Reefervans technical support.


Condenser Design Features

Condenser Features

  • Roof Mount or Bulkhead Mount for Box Body

  • Light weight Aluminum Housing frame - No Rust

  • One piece design for fast installation 

  • Standard Defrost - R134a - Oil Seporator

  • Fan Cycle HP Switch

  • Easy to pipe up - All pipes are in line with insulated bulkhead

  • Condenser can be mounted to a box body - Less product line to carry

  • Regular sized long life fans 

  • Large Receiver Drier for high ambient operating conditions

  • Parallel Crossflow Condenser Coil - High heat transfer Cooling Capacity 

Electronic Transformer Rectifier - Smooth Current - Extended Fan Life
Safety Circuit Breakers - All Electric components are CUL Approved 
HP1 and HP2 High Pressure Switches for Extended Fan Service Life
Large condenser fans and large condenser coils for high ambient temp.
Standard CPR Suction Regulation Valves for Both Road and Standby.
Maximum "Fine Tuned" Performance controlling Amperage of Motor and 
Suction pressure relative to the operating conditions.
20% Extra Cooling capacity can be acheived for Chill applications by changing the reefer to R134a - Suction pressure can be increased and the Motor can handle the extra capacity.
If operated with a 20 Amp Power Supply the Suction Pressure can be increased to increase cooling performance. The electric motor has a wide band of operating Amperage depending on the supply voltage and current
Reefervan only recommend 230v for frozen applications due to 110v only having so much capacity due to the lower current available 
230v Reefers on R134a offer the best cooling performance due to the Amperage and scroll hermetic compressor out put 
Low voltage wiring box is mounted behind the driver seat to allow for fast diagnostics - No need to remove top cover of reefer on roof.
All 12v realys are within this box and can be interactive with driver to carry out basic fault finding like a faulty fuse etc. The wiring loom harness is totally separate to the reefer and is plug and play. Relay and fuse identification are noted on the cover of the box. 

Evaporator Design Features

  • 4 Row Evaporator Cooling Coil - Other manufactures Regular coils only have 3 Rows and we can make the coil narrower for small vans with the same cooling capacity as a wider "3 Row" coil. 
  • Our Coils are more power full and have 3 Evaportaor Fans for superior airflow 
  • RV reefer coils develop 15% extra cooling capacity 

Evaporator Design Features

  • Light weight Aluminum frame - No Rusting

  • Suction regulator standard on road only 

  • Wiring connections simple to connect

  • Removeable side cover to access Expansion Valve

  • Service port access at Expansion Valve 

  • Sightglass accessible to view from road side - Easier Diagnostic 

  • Easy to pipe up - All pipes are in line with insulated bulkhead

  • Condenser can be mounted to a box body - Less product line to carry

  • Twin Fan Regular Size Fans 

  • 4 Row coil for maximum heat transfer - Narrower evaporator design

  • Danfoss Expansion Valve 


  • Two CPR valves are installed on RV11E and RV16E, one dedicated for Electric Operation

  • RV9E has one valve for Electric Operation

  • If the power source amperage is higher than 15A the CPR can be adjusted higher for 20% more cooling capacity.

  • RV9 in R134a and no CPR has 15% more capacity for Chill

  • RV9 can be brought under 15 AMPS (115v) running current if required 

  • RV11E and 16E have a condenser shut of valve to reduce the defrost time 

Cab Command - Wiring Diagram 

Cab Command Controller Features

  • Plug and Play

  • Simple set up - No complicated parameters                  

  • Flash drive for instant parameter setting

  • Easy to understand buttons

  • Mount in many positions

  • Cost effective controller - Not Expensive

  • Color coded wiring 

Wiring & Wiring Diagram Features

  • Simple to understand wiring diagrams

  • Technician friendly - Any mechanical shop can repair

  • Color coded wiring - Easy to navigate and fault find wiring 

  • No specialist parts - Any automotive shop can repair product

  • Regular relays and fuses that are readily availale across NA

Hose Piping &  Install Circuit Diagram 

Hose & Fittings Features

  • Easy Clip Hosing and Fittings 

  • Aeroquip Style Hose 

  • Interchangable fittings 

  • Sight glass accessible by user at road side door 

  • CPR - Suction regulator standard

  • TM15 Compressor (RV9)

Hose & Fittings Features Cont/d:

  • All hoses are piped nearest to the cargo bulkhead

  • Fast Installation

  • Integrated CPR Suction valve

Replacement Parts Manual 

RV11 & 16 Parts Manuals

Strong Box Packaging - One Box Per Reefer 

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