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Reefervan specialize in supplying, the van, reefer, insulation and after sales service ALL at an unbeatable package price! 

Reefervan achieve this by simply passing on volume discount pricing, we get directly from van manufacturers. Reefervan ship for van conversions (new or used) anywhere across the USA and Canada. 

  What to Consider When Buying a New or Used Refrigerated Van 


  1. Van Selection.  Buying a new van, it's a much safer investment. Buying a used already upfitted refrigerated van is normally someone else's problem, repairs can be very costly. If choosing a used van, select one with a warranty then out-fit the van with new Reefer equipment with a warranty. This ensures you will have trouble free cooling at a lower price.

  2. Specification. Take into account Insulation, Reefer capacity (BTU), payload of van, amount of door opening deliveries, engine size & fuel economy and after sales service. 

  3. One Supplier. Let Reefervan take the headache out of putting the package together, you can continue to run your business! With dealers across North America & Reefervan's 35 years of experience, we will provide you the right advice and at the right price point.                                                                          



Insulation & Reefer Package's Start from as low as $9900 !   Call Today!






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