Buying a Reefervan?

  What to Consider When Buying a New or Used Refrigerated Van 


  1. Van Selection.  If you are deciding to buy a used refrigerated Reefervan, used vans may have issues and repairs that can be costly to rectify. If choosing a used van, select one with a van and reefer warranty. Reefervan recommend to up-fit the van with new Reefer equipment which comes with a 12 month warranty. This ensures you will have trouble free cooling at a lower price point. Buying a new van, is a much safer investment in the long term.                          

  2. Specification. Take into account Insulation thickness, Reefer capacity (BTU), payload of van, mileage (if used van) and amount of door openings, deliveries, engine size, fuel economy and after sales service. Getting these details right are very important. Reefervan can provide competitive quote for new vans.

  3. One Supplier. Reefervan can put the complete package together start to finish, saving you thousands of dollars! With installers across North America, Reefervan's 35 years of experience will provide you the right advice at the right price point. 


Insulation & Reefer Package's Start from as low as $9,900 USD - Call Today!*






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*Price for small van size. 

Subject to outside ambient temperatures, larger reefer may 

be required that may increase the package price. Call for more details  

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