Mercedes Metris

METRIS Reefervan
METRIS Reefervan

METRIS Refrigerated Reefervan
METRIS Refrigerated Reefervan


METRIS Reefervan
METRIS Reefervan


Reefervan manufacture insulated lining kits.  Comprising of a composite laminated panel, standard 3” thickness of high grade EPS/Polyiso panel insulation that is machine bonded to a FRP Plastic that incorporates a "woven" process to increase surface strength for durability. Extremely lightweight, all walls, floor, bulkhead and roof are 100% insulated, and seamless.

No spray foam or heavy wood is used in the panel construction, machine routing ensures a perfect fit to the van and panels are thermally balanced to the highest standards.

Reefervan Insulation ensures excellent cooling performance in high ambient temperatures of 100°F (38°C). 

Matched together with our OEM Reefer product range, Reefervan guarantee this performance.

Insulate right the first time, Reefervan!

Reefervan DIY

Insulation & Reefer Package's Start From As Low As

$7,490 USD INSTALLED - Call Today!*

(Canada pricing please call)

Installers & Service  Across North America


Cold Container 

Promaster City 

Low Cost Solution to Refrigerate a Metris

Cold Container - Coldtainer
Cold Container - Coldtainer
Cold Container - Coldtainer
Cold Container - Coldtainer

Slide In Cooler Ready to go!

Fresh Application

12v Vehicle Battery Operated 

No Special Install Requirements

Plug in 110v Standard

Install within 2 hours!

Lower Cost Compared

to Regular Insulation & Reefer Package!

Shelving Options

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 Insulation Standard Features


  • 3 Inch Standard Insulation 

      High Thermal Efficiency

  • Load Guard on Wall & Wheel Boxes

      Heavy Duty Protection from Impacts

  • Heavy Duty Flooring

      Withstands Heavy Impacts and Abrasion

  • Sure Seal Seamless Flooring

      100% Waterproof Can Be Power Washed

  • Drain hole

      Water Drains easily from inside van

  • Food Grade Smooth Surface 

      Will not Harbor Bacteria

  • Light Weight Panel Construction 

      More Cargo Payload

  • Faster Pull Down of Temperature 

      35% Faster Pull Down compared with other                       Insulation Systems available

  • Lower Operating Costs 

      Reefer Operation Running Time Less Due to High               Thermal Efficiency of Insulation

  • 2 Year conditional warranty                         Standard on material and workmanship

Polar Wall Partitions

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Polar Wall Benefits:

  • Increases thermal efficiency and cooling performance by 30%.

  • Reduces the refrigerated cargo space after each delivery, allowing faster cooling of the remaining cargo space.  

  • Maintains better product temperature even with multiple door openings.

  • Faster temperature recovery 

  • Protects cargo from the effects of high ambient temperature locations.

  • Ability to carry deep frozen product -18C (0F).

  • Flexible fold-able wall that comes with optional access door to cargo area

  • Ability to add a separate fan and have fresh and frozen in one van.

*Price for an Econocool for a Small van. Price subject to outside ambient temperatures, larger reefer may be required that may increase the package price. Price may vary from state to state. Call for more details.