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Reefer Product  


RV16 Model: Road Only Operation 

Reefervan (O.E.M) Transport Refrigeration Reefer Products are manufactured and designed with over 35 years of industry experience and made to the highest "CE & E Mark" quality certification.

The RV16 Reefer is designed for vehicles up to 16ft in length. High grade build quality and industry standard service components allows Reefervan to offer a quality, durable reefer product equal to other well known brands on the market.

Easy to install, servicing can be carried out by any regular AC or mechanical repair shop due to the technician friendly design.

Replacement parts are lower in cost, compared to other brands in the market, with no compromise on quality or performance.

Coupled together with a Reefervan thermally balanced Insulation kit, the RV16 reefer product will cool your cargo to the right temperature all year round in the highest of outside ambient temperatures.

Superior cooling performance at a competitive price.

Slim Line High Air Flow Cooler 


RV16E Model: Road & Electric 110v


Three Fan High Air Flow Cooler 
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Premium Quality
  • Superior Cooling

Electric Shore Power  

Plug In 110v 

Reefervan Reefer Products

 Performance, Quality & Durabilty at Best Price!

RV16 (E) Reefer Standard Specifications

  • High BTU cooling capacity 15,600 BTU

  • R134a Chill refrigerant as standard

  • R404a freezer refrigerant for low temperatures (Optional)

  • Heavy Duty SANDEN Road compressor (R404a)

  • Heavy Duty SANDEN Standby compressor - standard

  • Road & electric operation 115v - 20A - 1 phase 

  • High air flow evaporator cooling fans 1295 cfm

  • CPR Compressor protection valve R404a

  • Compressor oil separator (R404a) - Extended service life

  • Hot gas defrost as standard on all models 

  • Slim line cooler - Maximum cargo space

  • Simple operation temperature cab controller (°C /°F) 

  • Lightweight in design 219LB Road - 309LB Road Electric 

  • Warranty 12 months parts and labor

Transit High Roof RV16

Transit High Roof RV16

RV11-RV16 Reefervan Reefer

RV11-RV16 Reefervan Reefer

RV11-RV16 Reefervan Reefer

RV11-RV16 Reefervan Reefer

Transit High Roof RV11-RV16E

Transit High Roof RV11-RV16E

RV11E-RV16E Reefervan Reefer

RV11E-RV16E Reefervan Reefer

RV11-RV16E Reefervan Reefer

RV11-RV16E Reefervan Reefer

RV11-RV16E Reefervan Reefer

RV11-RV16E Reefervan Reefer

RV Evaporator

RV Evaporator

Technicial - Installers Overview

Why Choose  a Reefervan Reefer Product...? 

Reefer Insulation Installer
Unique Design Features

...Benefits in Choosing a Reefervan Reefer. 

Quality Original OEM 
Sanden Compressor 
Wire Connectors.png
Wire Connectors 2.png
Quality Delphi - PICO
Electrical Wire Connectors
Oil Seporator Connection Condenser.png
Eaton EZ Clip.png

Standard Design Features

  • Easy to install - Rapid installation 

  • Easy to service, extremely "Tech Friendly" 

  • Easy to fault find any issue - Color coded wiring

  • Any mechanical auto shop or HVAC can repair

  • No expensive microprocessors or electronics to replace

  • Industry standard components SPAL type fans - SANDEN compressor - Delphi Wire Connections - EZ Clip hose and fittings - Danfoss Expansion Valve

  • Performance compressor oil separator 

  • Replacement parts up to 60% less in cost than equivalent Thermoking or Carrier part prices 

  • Technical phone support available 

  • Lower product cost versus other well known brands

No Expensive Electronic Parts 
Industry Standard Repair Parts  - Simple to Service
Compressor Oil Separator   
Easy to Install Reefer - Technical Support Provided
EZ Clip Pipe and Fittings
Easy to Install Reefer
Easy to Install Reefer
Easy to Install Reefer
Easy to Install Reefer
EZ Clip Pipe Fittings
Wiring Connections Plugs
Wiring Connections Color Coded
Easy Gas Up of Reefer

Condenser Design Features

  • Micro channel cross flow condenser coil - High capacity

  • Defrost standard on all models

  • Large receiver and drier for high ambient operation

  • Fan cycling feature for extended fan motor life

  • Light weight frame 

  • No relays or service wiring in the condenser section

  • No need to climb onto the roof of the van to diagnose service fault

  • Condenser can be roof or bulkhead mounted

HP Switches.JPG
Fan Cycle - Extended Fan Life Service Feature
RV11 - 16E Road & Electric Condenser 
RV Road Only Internal Images (14).png
RV Road Only Internal Images (18).png
RV Road Only Internal Images (10).png
RV11 - 16E Road & Electric Condenser 
RVE Top View Piping with Connections.png

Evaporator Design Features

  • Light weight Aluminum frame - No Rusting

  • Compressor suction regulator (CPR) standard R404a & R134a Standby 

  • Easy to connect evaporator wiring connections

  • Removable side service cover to access expansion valve

  • Service port access at expansion valve and suction line 

  • Refrigerant sight glass accessible to view from road side 

  • Twin Fan Regular Size Fans 

  • 4 Row coil for maximum heat transfer - Narrower evaporator design

  • Danfoss Expansion Valve 

Road Side Sight glass for fast visual diagnosis
Integrated CPR Compressor Suction Regulator
Relay Box 2020.JPG

Electrical Control - Cab Command - Relay Box- Wiring 

  • Easy to operate and adjust - No complicated settings

  • Easy to understand operation buttons

  • Interactive "reefer compressor on" status light 

  • External condenser fan fuses for snow and ice  

  • Color coded wiring - Easy fault diagnostics

  • Simple to follow wiring route each circuit has dedicated color 

  • Regular automotive relays and fuses

  • Easy access to wiring with no need to get on roof of van  

Relay Box Fan Fuses and Red On Light.JPG

Reefer Operation - TIPS & HINTS 


  • Pre-chill the cargo area for 15 minutes before loading on very hot days.

  • Switch the reefer unit off while loading product into cargo area.

  • Minimize the length of time that doors are open when delivering.

  • Product should be stored at the correct temperature before loading.

  • Do not block the evaporator air intake or outlets.

  • Allow space around all sides of the load for air circulation.

  • Check the load temperature regularly.

  • When using power standby check that the mains power supply is suitably rated to power the reefer unit.

  • Switch the vehicle engine off and cab control off before connecting mains power.

  • Avoid using additional extension leads on electric standby. Maximum length of cable 25 feet

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