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Insulation Standard Features


  • 3 Inch Standard Insulation 

      High Thermal Efficiency

  • Load Guard on Floor, Walls & Wheel Boxes

      Heavy Duty Protection from Impacts

  • Heavy Duty Flooring

      Withstands Heavy Impacts and Abrasion

  • Sure Seal Seamless Flooring

      100% Waterproof Can Be Power Washed

  • Drain hole

      Water Drains easily from inside van

  • Food Grade Smooth Surface 

      Will not Harbor Bacteria

  • Light Weight Panel Construction 

      No wood framing - More Cargo Payload

  • Faster Pull Down of Temperature 

      35% Faster Pull Down compared with other                     Insulation Systems available

  • Lower Operating Costs 

      Reefer Operation Running Time Less Due to High           Thermal Efficiency of Insulation

  • 2 Year warranty                                        Standard on material and workmanship

FORD TRANSIT  130 / 148 Low Roof


About Reefervan Insulation


Standard 3” inches of high grade insulation means that all walls, floor, bulkhead and roof are 100% insulated and “thermally balanced” to the highest standard, ensuring perfect cooling performance in high ambient temperatures of 100⁰F (38⁰C). 

Machine routed ensures a perfect fit.


Reefervan will provide you with the right advice when refrigerating your van. Making the wrong choice of insulation will lead to your reefer package not cooling correctly. Reefervan guarantee this performance.   


Insulate right the first time, Choose Reefervan!

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