Polar Removable Wall & Curtains

Recommended for Deep Frozen or Very High Ambient Applications

Polar Wall Benefits:

  • Increases thermal efficiency and cooling performance by 30%.

  • Reduces the refrigerated cargo space after each delivery, allowing faster cooling of the remaining cargo space.  

  • Maintains better product temperature even with multiple door openings.

  • Faster temperature recovery 

  • Protects cargo from the effects of high ambient temperature locations.

  • Ability to carry deep frozen product -18C (0F).

  • Flexible fold-able wall that comes with optional access door to cargo area

  • Ability to add a separate fan and have fresh and frozen in one van.

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Movable Bulkhead With Fan and Door Insta
Movable Bulkhead With Fan and Door.png
Moeable Bulkhead with Velcro Hinge.png

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