Installation & After Sales Technical Support

Reefervan products are designed to be very "technician friendly" and any AC or HVAC technician can easily service the reefer with minimum training required. Reefer products are easy to install and service.

Reefervan provide all the technical information and know how to install both our insulation and reefer products. Click on the tab to access "how to" install our insulation and reefer products. (Please note that some of the links below require authentication, to access the information).

With replancement parts prices lower in price than other well known manufactures our reefer products are designed with the end user in mind for ease of servicing.

If you require immediate technical assistance call 1888 445 4481 for all service support or email Thanks!

Before calling Reefervan and if the Reefer is not operating correctly...  Check the following first.



Road Only Operation Reefer:


  1. Is the reefer cab command switched on with and set to the correct set point?

  2. Check that all cooling fans are operating in the cargo load area and in the reefer section on the roof.The reefer may not be operating due to a high or low pressure refrigerant fault issue. If the fans are operating and the compressor is not operating there is a gas pressure issue.

  3. Check and listen to see if the road compressor clutch plate  has engaged (located on engine)

  4. Is the evaporator coil in the cargo area iced up? Defrost the coil before operating reefer as it may shut down due to low gas pressure.

  5. Check the fuses in the wiring relay box (normally behind or between the driver’s seat) Snow or ice build up will cause fan fuse to blow 

  6. Check to see if there is refrigerant flowing through the sight glass in the evaporator section (between bulkhead and evaporator cooler)


Standby & Road Operation 110v:


  1. Carry out checks as per Road operation reefer.

  2. Is the electric mains power supply present (110v), has the mains circuit breaker tripped?

  3. Check that there is an adequate 20A power supply (Min) to operate the reefer

  4. Contact a Reefervan dealer for further assistance  

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