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Upgraded from Silver service plan. Comprehensive coverage for all parts & labor. Total coverage with peace of mind.

Service Plans

Reefervan After Sales Service & Plans

Basic cover•

  • ONE shop service per year•

  • 10 point service check•

  • Reefer Inspection

  • Priority access to service line

  • Priority service support       

  • Service reminder 

Semi Comprehensive Cover•

  • ONE shop service per year•

  • 10 point service check•

  • Filter replacement           

  • Priority access to service line

  • Priority work shop access

  • Discount on replacement parts

  • Service reminder 

Comprehensive cover•

  • TWO shop service per year

  • Or road service•

  • 15 point service check•

  • Filter replacement           

  • Priority access to service line

  • Priority work shop access

  • Discount on replacement parts

  • Service reminder

  • All parts and labor included


All machines require regular maintenance; transport refrigeration units are no different. Regular servicing reduces expensive repair costs and provides trouble free cooling. 

Why Do You Need An After Sale Service Plan?

A range of service plans are available from Reefervan to maintain the manufactures recommended service schedules and reduce the cost of maintenance over the service life. 









After sales service plans are tailored to suit your operational requirements and budget.

Reefervan highly recommend one of our BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD Cold preventative maintenance plans, that reduce costs and minimize any possible problems that may occur.


Reefervan service dealers are located across North America and stock parts to service Reefervan and other well-known make and models of reefers on the market like Thermoking, Carrier, ATC & Kingtec.



An economical option. Regular servicing including labor and discounts on replacement parts. Priority access to service line.


In addition to the BRONZE service plan, Silver Cold includes preventative maintenance at recommended intervals. Fixed labor and discounted parts. Priority access to service at your local Reefervan dealership.

The Main Plan Benefits Are:

  • No unexpected repair bills 

  • Discounted replacement parts 

  • Priority service in peak periods

  • Reduced reefer repair down time