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Reefervan Modular Insulation

Introduced to North America in 2009, Reefervan premium insulation kits provide the highest quality and cooling performance available today.

Reefervan manufacture insulated lining kits.  Comprising of a composite laminated panel, standard 3” thickness of high grade EPS/Polyiso panel insulation that is machine bonded to a FRP Plastic that incorporates a "woven" process to increase surface strength for durability. Extremely lightweight, all walls, floor, bulkhead and roof are 100% insulated, and seamless.

No spray foam or heavy wood is used in the panel construction, machine routing ensures a perfect fit to the van and panels are thermally balanced to the highest standards.

Reefervans insulation panel system ensures excellent cooling performance in high ambient temperatures of 100°F (38°C). 

Matched together with our OEM Reefer product range, Reefervan guarantee this performance. Insulation kits are available for DIY self install with online install instructions available.

Insulate right the first time, Reefervan!


  • High Density Panel Insulation - 3" Standard 

  • High Insulation R Value - EPS or Polyiso

  • 100% Insulated Walls, Floor, Roof & Bulkhead

  • Excellent Cooling Performance

  • Light Weight In Construction

  • No Heavy Wood Framing Used in Construction

  • Higher Cargo Payload 

  • Machine Cut Panels for Perfect Fit

  • Seamless, Joint Free Walls, Floor and Roof

  • Smooth High Gloss Internal Finish

  • No Screws Used in Construction

  • Easy to install 

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Spray Foam Disadvantages  


Reefervan do not use spray foam when insulating a van. Although spray foam is a good insulation material, there are two main disadvantages using spray foam.


There is no guarantee that the installer has applied the correct insulation thickness behind the wall skin, this can reduce the thermal efficiency and cooling performance dramatically!

Reefervan only use 3" compressed panel insulation which which guarantees a consistent thickness and thermal efficiency. No wood or framing is used that reduces the amount of insulation within the van, also adding a considerable weight increase reducing the payload of the van.


When spray foam is sprayed directly onto the external skin of the van, due to the expansion and adhesion application process of the foam to the vehicle's skin tends to "buckle and warp" the skin out of shape, leaving an uneven "hilly" panel surface (see above image).

Reefervan panel insulation is not applied or attached in any way to the exterior skin of the van so no skin distortion occurs with Reefervan insulation products.

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Insulate Right The First Time - Choose Reefervan Modular Panel Insulation


Best Thermal Performance 

Fast pull down of temperature


Light Weight In Construction

More Cargo Payload

Durable Design Features 

Longer lasting - Less wear


Available In Kit Form

For any Van Make & Model   


Precision Fit

Pre cut to fit van 

Large Van

Large Van

Floor & Wall Load Guard

Floor & Wall Load Guard

Seem Less Walls & Floor

Seem Less Walls & Floor

Optional Tread Plate Floor

Optional Tread Plate Floor

Small Van

Small Van

High Grade Finish

High Grade Finish

Deep Frozen - High Ambient Applications

Deep Frozen - High Ambient

Multi Drop Applications

Polar Door Transit

Polar Doors

Polar Door Transit 3
Movable Bulkhead With Fan and Door Insta
Moeable Bulkhead with Velcro Hinge.png

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