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Trailer Cooler & Complete Trailers  

Trailer Cooler RVTC 110v 

RVTC Trailer Cooler - Starting From...
$4,590 USD - Call Today!

Trailer Cooler RVTC.png

RVTC Trailer Cooler - Starting From...
$4,590 USD - Call Today!

Trailer Cooler - Cooler Trailer - Reefer

 Reefervan RVTC Trailer Cooler Products

 Performance, Quality, Superior Cooling & Durabilty at Best Price!

Complete Trailer Pricing

Complete Trailer & Cooler... Basic Reefer Package Starting from $9,995 !  USD

... Available EX STOCK Ready to Go!

All Pricing FOB North Carolina - All Pricing in USD - For Canada Price Please Contact Reefervan

* Note: The RVLG is a low cost Air Con System Utilizing a Cool Bot Controller - Chill only specification. RVTC cooler is a premium frozen cooler product and can be added at additional cost. 
Trailer Cooler Video

Trailer Cooler Video

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 Trailer Cooler Applications 

  • Temporary Walk in Mobile Cold Room

  • Refrigeration Deliveries (Instead of using a Van)

  • Long Term Stationary Cold Room

  • Emergency Cold Room Storage (Power Failure)

  • Farmer Markets

  • Rental Opportunity - Short & Long Term

  • Mobile Kitchens 

  • Wedding's - Out Door Party Events - Family Party

  • Trailer Parties 

  • Sporting Events

  • Beer Festivals (Trailers can be fitted with beer taps)

  • Concession Trailers - Rock Concerts - Exhibitions 

  • Hunting Trailers 

  • Camping Grounds

  • Catering & Hospitality Companies

  • Out Door Events - Family Events

  • Conventions

  • Disaster Relief - Natural - Hospitals

  • Store in a Regular Garage Space