Trailer Cooler & Complete Trailers  

Trailer Cooler RVTC 110v 

Reefervan RVTC Cooler is manufactured and designed with  the industrial strength of a transport refrigeration product, 

Versatile and innovative in design, RVTC Trailer Coolers are
low cost alternative solution to a regular refrigerated van or truck.

The RVTC Trailer Cooler is suitable for fresh and frozen as standard.

Thermally Efficient with a cooling  performance of 8,000 BTU, obtaining frozen temperatures of 0F (-18C).

RVTC Trailer Cooler operates with a standard 115v - 15 Amp on a regular power supply source.

Reefervan complete trailer packages are competitively priced and out perform other spray foam systems on the market. 

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RVTC Trailer Cooler - Starting From...
$3,890 USD - Call Today!

Trailer Cooler - Cooler Trailer - Reefer

 Reefervan RVTC Trailer Cooler Products

 Performance, Quality, Superior Cooling & Durabilty at Best Price!

Complete Trailer Pricing

Complete Trailer & Cooler... Basic Reefer Package Starting from $9,995 !  USD

All Pricing FOB North Carolina - All Pricing in USD - For Canada Price Please Contact Reefervan

... Available EX STOCK Ready to Go!

* Note: The RVLG is a low cost Air Con System Utilizing a Cool Bot Controller - Chill only specification. RVTC cooler is a premium frozen cooler product and can be added at additional cost. 

 Trailer Cooler Applications 

  • Temporary Walk in Mobile Cold Room

  • Refrigeration Deliveries (Instead of using a Van)

  • Long Term Stationary Cold Room

  • Emergency Cold Room Storage (Power Failure)

  • Farmer Markets

  • Rental Opportunity - Short & Long Term

  • Mobile Kitchens 

  • Wedding's - Out Door Party Events - Family Party

  • Trailer Parties 

  • Sporting Events

  • Beer Festivals (Trailers can be fitted with beer taps)

  • Concession Trailers - Rock Concerts - Exhibitions 

  • Hunting Trailers 

  • Camping Grounds

  • Catering & Hospitality Companies

  • Out Door Events - Family Events

  • Conventions

  • Disaster Relief - Natural - Hospitals

  • Store in a Regular Garage Space

RVTC Trailer Cooler Features

RVTC Trailer Cooler - Starting From...

$3,590 USD - Call Today!

Trailer Cooler - Cooler Trailer
Trailer Cooler - Cooler Trailer

RVTC Design Features

  • Easy to Install - Rapid Installation (1 Hr) - One Piece Design

  • Easy to Operate - Electronic Controller

  • Industry standard components; Commercial grade Fans,  Embarco Compressor, Danfoss Expansion Valve and Solenoids 

  • No Expensive Printed Circuit Boards to Replace

  • Operates with a regular 15A 110v power supply

  • R404a Freezer Refrigerant Standard 

  • Replacement parts up to 60% less in cost than equivalent    trailer cooler part prices

  • Lower product cost versus other brands

  • Easy to Service,"Tech Friendly" 

Reefervan Trailer Cooler Controls

Electric Shore Power  

Plug In 115v - 15 Amp

Trailer Cooler - Cooler Trailer
Trailer Cooler - Cooler Trailer


All Reefervan Trailer Cooler and Reefer products are compatible and can operate with R404A and environmentally friendly R452A refrigerant ensuring your cooler will be compliant for years to come.